Oscar Wegner is a native of Buenos Aires, Argentina who played the International Tennis Circuit in the United States, Europe, South America, Africa and the Caribbean from 1963 to 1967.

In 1968 Oscar undertook a coaching career under the legendary Pancho Sagura at the Beverly Hills Country Club, a job that included daily exchanges with former World Champion Pancho Gonzalez. It was there that he made the crucial observation that tennis was being taught one way while the pros played in an entirely different way.

Wegner set out to resolve this discrepancy. His research led him to isolate the actual basis of tennis that applies to any player at any level, whether a pro, an intermediate player, or a beginner. He then developed a teaching methodology to communicate those basics to players and coaches alike. This approach, from its inception, has produced remarkable results, not only in Wegner’s hands, but with many other coaches as well.

Wegner served as a Junior Davis Cup Coach and National Coach for the Spanish Tennis Federation’s school in Barcelona, developed top juniors in Brazil, coached throughout the USA and spent 10 years as a commentator on  ESPN International and featured celebrity onThe Tennis Television Show.

In 1992 with almost 30 years of professional tennis experience to draw from, he published the revolutionary book “You Can Play Tennis in Two Hours”.

In the early 90’s Wegner was featured weekly on the Tennis Television Show, where he exposed the fallacies of conventional tennis teaching and the true data on how to best teach and play the game.  This is where Richard Williams of Los Angeles, California, decided to apply Wegner’s teachings with his daughters Venus and Serena Williams. The results were phenomenal.

Currently, he travels the world teaching and building on the Modern Tennis Movement. He has developed MTMCA, a certified coaching organization that teaches coaches how to use his techniques to increase skills  and his books and DVDs continue to get people playing better, faster. For more information, visit his site at http://www.tennisteacher.com  or contact him directly at tennisoscar@aol.com.