Tennis can be a graceful and stylish sport.

Like a gazelle, a top player darts off the ground, while the rhino gets stuck on it.

If you hold a tennis ball in your left hand and flick it upwards with your right middle finger, the ball rises about one foot. Now set the ball on the ground and flick it forward and it rolls ten or fifteen feet. Same force applied, the vertical resistance of gravity shows here to be ten to fifteen times as much as the horizontal one.

Is tennis mainly horizontal? This demonstration shows it is mainly vertical!

I call my system Modern Tennis Methodology. I have had the integrity and the courage to develop a most simple and effective tennis coaching method, something that can be applied from beginner to pro level, from a little child to an elder. It results not only in an efficient game but also the stylish performance that you see in the best pros.

No matter what the industry says in its confused search through vapid stereotypes, truths are surfacing like pure water from a natural spring – in some cases, more like hot thermal haze that evaporates the myriad misconceptions that abound.

The public knows!

Tennis can be a natural, easy sport to learn!

Oscar Wegner, –