Why Great Players Are Not (Necessarily) Great Coaches

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 7.53.02 PM Tim Mayotte demonstrating his version of how to hit like GOAT Roger Federer

In 1968 Oscar Wegner took a position at the Beverly Hills Tennis Club as Assistant Coach to Pancho Segura. Wegner had spent five years on the international tour playing and practicing with many of the greatest names in tennis, and when he made the transition to coaching the first thing he noticed was that tennis was not being taught the way it was played by the pros. When he asked Pancho why this was so, the masterful Segura had no answer and gave Oscar permission to find one with many of his celebrity clients. During this period Wegner tested and developed a revolutionary new way of teaching tennis that he would later name Modern Tennis Methodology (MTM). Over the next two decades Wegner worked successfully with countless players…

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