Federer vs. Nadal      

The solution to Federer’s troubles with Nadal is technical, not mental, as has been widely suggested.

Federer needs to adjust his timing by waiting longer for the ball, then counter Nadal’s spin.  Nadal hits most of his shots with 3,000 RPM or more, and the ball is still rotating when it gets to Roger’s racquet.

The topspin that Federer usually hits with is closer to 2,000 RPM, but to generate that on a forward rotating ball he needs to brush up on the ball more than usual.

Hitting early further flattens a stroke.

Perhaps Paul Anacone is not aware of this data, as I saw similar unfortunate problems during his coaching of Pete Sampras, which precipitated Pete’s retirement.

I just hope that Roger will still give us many superb performances for years to come, regardless of some disappointing losses as in Rome last weekend.

Oscar Wegner, TennisTeacher.com