Push vs. Hitting   

In modern tennis groundstrokes, the idea of pushing is more adequate as you approach the ball than that of hitting through it.

In a hit you have fully accelerated by the time you make contact.

In a push, you feel as if you touch the object first and then exert your power.

To clarify this concept of pushing, restrain yourself by deliberately having your racquet approach the ball slowly, and then, as you are about to touch it, accelerate fully and forcefully to the finish, UP AND ACROSS.

Rather than a forward impact, work on brushing the ball as if ripping the cover off of it.

This gives you a longer contact and much more spin and control.

On the forehand and two handed backhands, most top pros pull across and backwards where the racquet head, at the finish, has described a full windshield-wiper and is pointing back, with the butt of the racquet as if taking a picture of where the ball is now going, and/or beyond that point.

Exaggeration? That may be the answer to improvement in your own game.

Have you noticed this finish in the best pros?

Oscar Wegner, TennisTeacher.com