Modern vs. Conventional  

On August 24th a Wall Street Journal article was written by Tom Perrotta that throws tennis development back into the old misconceptions and conventional techniques that only have about 15% success (as measured by coaches on the ability to rally consistently).

Tom Perrotta quotes renown coaches as supporting his views, but I recall, from listening to Nick Bollettieri at La Quinta, California, in a USPTA Convention presentation, that Nick has changed his mind quite a bit from his beliefs from the past.

Judging from this, I am not sure if Perotta’s quotes about other coaches he mentions are up to date.

The Wall Street Journal article

This article is quite opposite (and opposed) to what I preach, the Play Like the Pros motto.  I developed my techniques because they are the easiest for kids and for amateurs of any age.  Effortless, natural tennis for beginners.  Great for the body.  Over 90% success.

These modern techniques are the reasons why top players succeed.  Regardless of whether these marvelous champions discovered them as a result of practice, or whether coaches taught them, it is clearly the reason for their success.

Why shun these great examples of ease and naturality?  Don’t people copy, in all other sports, the top performers?  The best athletes in their field?

Perrotta’s Wall Street Journal article not only shuns copying pros but also recommends techniques which stunt development.  It’s a century old debate.  Who will win?

Eventually, the one that works better, or to put it more simply, the one that works….  But these developments need to be know.  Please pass the knowledge along.

Oscar Wegner,