Oscar Wegner shows how the body likes rotational moves more than hitting with line efforts. All the top pros use mostly Oscar’s type of moves and strokes, simpler, more efficient, more natural and more powerful when wanted.

Serena an Venus Williams learned with Oscar’s techniques and both were number one in the world. Learn it yourself!

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Learn what changed tennis around the world, exemplified by:

Serena Williams, who learned with this system as a very young child and is still #1 and the best female player ever, and her sister Venus, top player as well.

Roger Federer, who has Oscar’s book and the Master Strokes videos since 2005.

Spain as a country: Oscar changed the coaching in the National School in Barcelona, resulting in a multitude of top players from Spain.

Coaches in Moscow and Belgrade, influenced by Oscar’s 1989 book, started little girls with these techniques. Russia, in 2003, had five players who started in the same academy in the top ten women in the world. Belgrade had three top players as well.

Oscar’s ESPN International commentary for Latin America from 1994 to 2000 revolutionized coaching there, producing more top ranked players. But ESPN domestic passed on it, deeming Oscar’s “Play Like the Pros” tips too controversial, limiting the technical advances in this country.

Tennis Magazine criticized the first book as too simplistic in a 1990 editorial and never mentioned Oscar’s advances again, favoring their old advisors, also keeping the USA in the dark!

Oscar Wegner    www.tennisteacher.com

Oscar Wegner has reformed tennis for Europe, Asia and Latin America. Now it’s the turn for the USA to surpass everyone else!

Learn why open stance is the most natural, effective and powerful way to learn when you start.

Learn what is the latest in Modern Tennis Methodology and how the very best of all time play, where technique is heading, and get ahead into the future.

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Tennis is easy to learn, to play, to teach and to enjoy. The shocking truth is that tennis has been made difficult. So ingrained is the false data accepted as truth about a century ago that it has affected, to this day, coaches, commentators, sports writers, even pros.

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Something fateful happened to tennis in the birth of the 1900s. The Doherty brothers, one of them a former Wimbledon champion, published a book in 1903 in which they described tennis as a game of circular motions, well adapted to the body, natural moves and positions, hitting across the ball, and a game of feel. In 1904 P. A. Vaile, an attorney, wrote a “classic” book called Modern Lawn Tennis in which he described tennis as linear, similar to cricket, where the body is sideways and the stroking effort is forward, practically defacing what the Doherty brothers had published. This 1904 so-called “Modern Tennis” book became the worldwide mantra for learning tennis for the more than 100 years that followed. In America, for a century, tennis has been taught as similar to baseball, again sideways and with a forward effort when hitting the ball.

Even some of the greatest players of all time fell for these misconceptions and wrote book after book that did not reflect the way they played themselves. And this saga continues, perhaps somewhat modified, through present time.

What changed in the 1990’s in Europe, Asia and South America, shown by a plethora of new stars thereof? Simply, my 1989 and 1992 books, widely accepted in those continents, and my 1997, 1998, 1999 ESPN International tips across more than 150 countries, with billions of impressions, shattered those misconceptions and created a new generation of coaches and youth who rose to their personal best. What happened in the USA? Tennis Magazine derided my 1989 book. Their editorial staff called it simplistic, ineffective and unrealistic, forewarning their readers without even trying the techniques. The coaches associations’ educational staff shunned it as well, ridiculing it, misleading their 30,000 plus members and the public those coaches served. Why? Their educational resources and know-how would have been shown to be faulty and their reputation compromised.

Go to: www.tennisteacher.com

This long-time misrepresentation in the USA has had a negative impact on both the business of tennis as well as competitive performance toward national excellence. Based on this single false datum, instructors and the organizations dictating how tennis should be coached have created unnecessary complications, resulting in non-optimal performance and a resultant failure to succeed. Worse still, it perpetuated an atmosphere of strain on coaches and their players, imposing excessive effort and force in both teaching and playing techniques, including pain to elbows, lower backs and knees. Failure to recognize, as already proven, and implement that tennis is easy constitutes an abuse of the privilege and responsibility within the tennis teaching profession, and is an affront to the public seeking expertise and guidance in being introduced to and coached to the highest possible levels of competence in this wonderful sport.

Go to: www.tennisteacher.com

Learn REAL Modern Tennis and enjoy the game! Try these techniques and you be the judge.

Great both for coaches and players. Easy and low cost. Streamed as well. Go to www.tennisteacher.com

Oscar Wegner

Have you ever realized how easy tennis can be?

Watch this FREE short video/videos, and you’ll be convinced tennis is one of the easiest sports to learn:


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With my best wishes,

Oscar Wegner

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Tennis Can Be Natural

There are two main type of forces in nature: linear and rotational.

You can see that with planet Earth, which seems to travel linearly in space around the Sun while rotating daily unto itself.

Even atoms, which are considered the smallest indivisible pieces of matter behave similarly. Nature is savviest. We humans have nature within ourselves.

There is a plain secret, though. Linear travel is usually rotational, a curve on itself.

Some tennis players try to defy nature. They try to hit linearly. Impossible. Why? It’s only the imagination that makes you see it as such. It’s also the imagination that makes you see your targeted tennis court as two-dimensional when in reality height is a staple entity you have to deal with.

Tennis is curves. The sooner you see it as such, the faster you’ll progress. Play with nature. Add to nature’s natural attraction in the form of gravity your own spin.

When? From the beginning, my friend! Brush up and across the ball! Sometimes spin it under! It’s a different feel!

Oscar Wegner



We have a new website, with Free Tips, Free Lessons, Free Videos, Free Book, and more at http://oscartennisclub.com

Modern Tennis Methodology, a coaching miracle, makes tennis one of the easiest sports to learn and to excel at.

Join us to improve your game to new heights.

Happy Holidays, and a wonderful, superb 2015!

Oscar Wegner

The Ultimate Tennis Paradox

The time lapse between your command to a muscle to be activated and the time it takes to respond is on order of an infinitesimal fraction of a second. Thus, you time the command to be slightly earlier than the action.

In contrast, the decision to fire on all cylinders on a ball could be too early or premature or complicated, as human beings tend to overreact. It’s interesting that, as a human being, you need to hold your tendency to being early to compensate for that tendency to overreact. You want to act in unison, where all effort is cooperative and as natural as possible.

Prime example of this is Martial Arts. The beauty of slowing down time is not only effective but a training tool as well.

In tennis, that is the basis of getting into the Zone, where you see the ball being much slower that normally anticipated.

Thus, what is called the Yin (relaxed state) and Yang (forceful state) works better in tennis when you purposely slow down your forceful action until you almost touch the ball. There you hit forcefully, accelerating, across the line of the ball for maximum contact time, more feel, more topspin, and more control.

Oscar Wegner

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Tennis Into the Future is a series of DVDs (2010)

addressing each stroke in a revolutionary way.

It is a practical study of the best stroke mechanics

ever seen in top pros and how to integrate them

with the most efficient use of:

The Human Body,

The Forces of Nature,

And the application of the latest discoveries of the

operation of the Human Spirit and Human Mind,

Including The Zone and The Slow Down of Time.


Oscar Wegner, author, former touring pro.

For more information: www.tennisteacher.com

For most people, tennis being easy is a difficult concept to agree with. So let me ask you a few questions:

1) Do you like applying your own physical makeup, slow, fast, strong or delicate, easily when you play? Or do you adjust to strict ideas as to how to perform (i.e. conventional)?

2) Do you like ease and naturalness on your footwork? Or should there be a lot of detail and structure in your moves?

3) Would you want power without too much effort? Or do you think more power is necessarily dependent on force and effort?

4) Would you want to carry on your decisions with ease? Or do you shun simplicity fearing you would lose control?

5) Would you want your moves to naturally help your shots? Or do you feel you need body “positions” to succeed?

6) Would you want to have extra time for your shots? Or do you feel tennis is too fast and you need to prepare “early”?

Here is where you can test your answers: Modern Tennis Methodology loves the simplicity, ease and naturalness of techniques that will work for your body’s preference, your particular physique, your beingness (rather than “thinkingness”), your feel rather than “mind”, and much more.

Smoothness and ease are some of the most notable results from these techniques. Control, ball placement, touch and power are some other results.

If these align with your goals, you need to inspect them at a low price but high results. The four Tennis Into the Future DVDs (about six hours comprising all strokes), are only $40.



Your well being, love for the game and confidence will benefit or your money back, guaranteed.

For the best example of ease and simplicity look at Roger Federer. He cleaned up and simplified his game lately to what it was when he was number one, and he is again in command on the tour at 33.

Join the revolution and evolution. Tennis is really a much easier sport to learn than what has been portrayed!

Oscar Wegner



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